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Female Travelers Finding Creative Solutions in Homesharing Economy

Female Travelers Finding Creative Solutions in Homesharing Economy | Inspiration Hub |

Many hotels already cater to the solo female traveler with women-friendly rooms, usually with extra safety measures like double-locking doors and finishing touches like flowers and chocolates. Homesharing, however, is a bit behind that curve.

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Will the real millennial please stand up?

Will the real millennial please stand up? | Inspiration Hub |

During the workshop we delivered in Paris earlier this month on millennials as colleagues and members, we realised for some people it is not yet about ‘how best to deal with younger colleagues in the workplace’ but more about ‘why should we care’. We had skipped a step in our thinking. Because we know so many millennial colleagues - so many talented, value-adding, clever millennial colleagues - we had forgotten that some of our participants might not know ‘who the true millennial’ is and why they even matter.

Anne Berrevoets's curator insight, April 6, 2017 10:18 AM
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Entitled, selfish and lazy? This blog is our voice

Entitled, selfish and lazy – three words I commonly hear when describing Millennials. As a millennial in the Meetings and Events industry, however, what I see and feel is worlds’ apart from the words above.

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