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What Kind of Team Member Are You?

What Kind of Team Member Are You? | Inspiration Hub |

Just like people, teams have personalities. While the nature of teams has shifted since our tribal hunter-gatherer days, teams are still one of our most crucial social structures. This is true in most organizations, and particularly the case in high-stress event planning groups. How we introduce hopefulness into our teams can be the difference between joyful collaboration and frustrating second-guessing.

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How to Build “The Dream Event Planning Team”

How to Build “The Dream Event Planning Team” | Inspiration Hub |

It’s impossible to put together an event on your own. Even if you had the bandwidth for everything, which you likely don’t, there’s also the huge variety of skillsets required. You can’t be in multiple places at once. Skimping on event planners means the event will skimp in other ways, too. It’s simply impossible to have one person take care of the VIPs, welcome guests, and coordinate food and activities at the same time. That’s why a team is so important.

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Learning How to Be an Agile Leader

Learning How to Be an Agile Leader | Inspiration Hub |

Sometimes, you just need to look at leadership from a different angle. In Zoom Leadership: Change Your Focus, Change Your Insights, organizational consulting expert Janet Britcher urges readers to “zoom in and out” with a flexible, open mind when problem-solving, rather than looking at a situation from a single point of view.

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