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Why Event Gamification Is Not What You Think It Is

Why Event Gamification Is Not What You Think It Is | Inspiration Hub |

Along with live video and chatbots, gamification is one of the most talked about event trends at the moment. Even though the term has spread like wildfire throughout the events industry, there is misunderstanding about what gamification is and how it can be use to enhance an in-person event.

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Mastering the Art of Online Education

Mastering the Art of Online Education | Inspiration Hub |

The program at the American Distance Education Consortium 2016 EdFuture Conference, held at the University of California, Los Angeles in September, revolved around the challenges of online education—from the opening keynote presentation, “The Increasing Importance of Knowing How to Learn—On-Line and Off-Line,” to the closing keynote, “Re-Setting the Fulcrum—Access, Personalization, and Success in the Age of Educational Technology.” 

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Designing Events That Activate Emotion

Designing Events That Activate Emotion | Inspiration Hub |

Much has been written about experiential events, those that strive to bond attendees with the corporate brand or event organization by immersing them in fun, engaging experiences. But, there is more to experience creation than delivering fun. To truly connect with an audience, the event has to plumb the depths of human emotion by addressing four key drives: acquiring, bonding, learning, and defending. It may require some new thinking about what attendees really need and how to give it to them.

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Three Exceptional Panels That Sparkled with Interaction

Three Exceptional Panels That Sparkled with Interaction | Inspiration Hub |

Pulling off an engaging panel discussion is not easy. As an event planner, you need to tick a number of boxes in order to achieve a great result. It starts with a trending topic that will attract a critical mass of delegates. Then, it continues with getting together a group of smart panelists, ideally with diverse opinions to create some tension. And most importantly, you need to invite a great moderator who will be able to facilitate a discussion on behalf of the audience.

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