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EIC Issues a Call to Action for the Meetings Industry

EIC Issues a Call to Action for the Meetings Industry | Inspiration Hub |

In an appeal to industry professionals on March 24, EIC wrote, “Our ask today is [for you] to reach out to your elected officials and key decision makers, who are looking at ways to provide economic relief. We may not be able to control what’s happening in the world right now, but we absolutely control how and with whom we share our message."

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Tips for Communicating with Your Event Safety and Security Team 

Tips for Communicating with Your Event Safety and Security Team  | Inspiration Hub |

Accessing and sharing information among various event, venue, agencies and organizations is challenging, but necessary for developing effective situational and operational awareness, and your information must be “consumable” and “actionable” to be useful. Here are some helpful steps to establishing communication with your safety and security team and how to empower them to situational assessment.

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Master the Emergency Action Plan For Your Event

Master the Emergency Action Plan For Your Event | Inspiration Hub |

Even the best planned events can fall prey to emergencies. And whether this emergency is an active shooter, a natural disaster or a medical issue, those responsible for the event are responsible for the well being of all attendees and speakers.

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Meetings, Business Travel, and Human Trafficking: A Benchmarking Report

Meetings, Business Travel, and Human Trafficking: A Benchmarking Report | Inspiration Hub |

A report released by ECPAT-USA at the end of September finds that many major travel-related companies and associations promote specific policies against human trafficking and exploitation of children to their employees and members—but far fewer have conducted training in the past 12 months to ensure that employees and members who travel for business can identify potential trafficking situations and report them to initiate a swift response.  

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Advice From Emergency Management Experts

Advice From Emergency Management Experts | Inspiration Hub |

Hope for the best but plan for the worst. We hope that everything goes to plan at all your events but sometimes it doesn’t. A glitchy AV system or a sick keynote speaker may seem like disasters on event day, but are you ready if a real emergency hits? At the end of the day, the safety of attendees (and planners) is of utmost importance at any event, so while you have those emergency chargers for your laptop and emergency power bars for when you can’t find time for lunch, do you have an emergency plan to protect the most important thing—your guests? 

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New Campaign Launches to Fight Human Trafficking

New Campaign Launches to Fight Human Trafficking | Inspiration Hub |

The American Hotel & Lodging Association has launched a new campaign to try to unite the hospitality industry in an effort to fight human trafficking. The campaign, No Room for Trafficking, suggests four ways for the industry to focus on eradicating human trafficking and exploitation:

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4 Top Tips for Picking a Safe, Secure Hotel Site

4 Top Tips for Picking a Safe, Secure Hotel Site | Inspiration Hub |

As we watch news on TV or online, our brains hear things that scare us. If it’s not the upcoming weather forecast or flood warning, then it’s the scare of contaminated food, causing illnesses. For meeting professionals, these nerve-pulsating newscasts could be creating extra stressors, as those items might also influence our conferences, such as weather that grounds planes or sicknesses that prevent travel.

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Cyber Privacy One of Top 10 Hospitality Trends of 2019

Cyber Privacy One of Top 10 Hospitality Trends of 2019 | Inspiration Hub |

Privacy has become the top necessity for event planners, according to a new report from Benchmark Resorts & Hotels. The global hospitality company released its “Top 10 Meeting Trends for 2019” report based on insights gleaned from interactions with event professionals all over the world. “We learn a lot from our guests, often by observation in addition to their direct feedback,” says Ted Davis, Benchmark’s chief sales and marketing officer. What they have found, according to the report is that from high-tech to down-time, groups are now demanding that organizers plan based on how they live their lives. Here are some of the insights the synch with the observations Smart Meetingseditors have discovered on their global travels.

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Balance Out Event Security and the Attendee Experience

Balance Out Event Security and the Attendee Experience | Inspiration Hub |

It goes without saying that event security and data safety should be at the top of your event team’s minds. It takes just one small breach of information to make your attendees vulnerable to hackers, phishing and ID theft. This makes it highly important to have the right security protocols in place- but without taking away from the attendee’s experience.

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Site Selection & Emergency Preparedness

Site Selection & Emergency Preparedness | Inspiration Hub |

Emergency preparedness comes into play when planning for your event and the safety of your attendees, speakers, and event staff. It is an important piece of the puzzle. During the site selection process you will need to keep in mind the different aspects of planning for an emergency.

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Cancellation Communications: How to Unplan a Meeting

Cancellation Communications: How to Unplan a Meeting | Inspiration Hub |

Resorts along the eastern seaboard and Gulf Coast are delighted with last week’s news from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reporting a 60 percent chance of a below-normal hurricane season in 2018. That’s a big change from May when the forecast only had a 25 percent chance for a quiet season, but nobody is out of the woods yet. NOAA’s August 9 update still predicts four to seven hurricanes before the season ends in November. 

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6 Ways to Integrate Social Media Into Your Crisis Plan

6 Ways to Integrate Social Media Into Your Crisis Plan | Inspiration Hub |

As your attendees are headed to your meeting, they see a post on social media about a threat made against the venue. Are you ready to respond? How will you keep your attendees informed about events that affect them, especially when they are onsite at your event?

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Coming to Grips With GDPR

Coming to Grips With GDPR | Inspiration Hub |

The EU General Data Protection Regulation focuses on the rights of individuals over their personal information and how companies use it. It will have a huge impact on the industry, affecting event professionals, agencies, technology providers, and associations across the globe and not just in Europe. It applies to the collection and processing of data of European citizens, which means compliance is required by any organization hosting events attended by EU citizens anywhere in the world.

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New EU Data Privacy Rules Are Coming

New EU Data Privacy Rules Are Coming | Inspiration Hub |

If you’re not up on the General Data Protection Regulation, a new, stricter European Union data privacy law that goes into effect May 25, 2018, the time to pay attention is now. 

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Event Data Security: The 2018 Guide for Event Marketers

Event Data Security: The 2018 Guide for Event Marketers | Inspiration Hub |

In today’s world, information is everywhere. The data revolution has forever changed the way consumers interact with companies and vice versa. And though there’s no denying the benefits of rich datasets, such as improved buying experiences and more targeted marketing campaigns, the cost of all of this accessible data is weighing heavy on businesses who collect it and customers who give it.

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The Crisis Experience

The Crisis Experience | Inspiration Hub |

There are a variety of crises that can occur at a meeting — something as serious as an active shooter situation or as silly as a skunk wandering into a convention center floor. Bob Mellinger, founder and CEO of Attainium, encountered the latter during his time working with clients on crisis preparedness. But regardless of the scale or gravity of the crisis, “a lot of people don’t think about it when they should,” Mellinger says in the latest video for The Intersection, presented by PCMA and PSAV.

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Taking your contingency plans to the next step

Taking your contingency plans to the next step | Inspiration Hub |

Imagine you’re planning an annual event. Everything has been ordered and confirmed. The event is only a few days away. Then, Hurricane Matthew hits and your supplier can’t deliver as various components of your order were in a building that now has six feet of water in it. Or you are a supplier and I-95 is shut down in key areas forcing traffic into long detours thereby causing your perishables that were ordered to arrive too late. Or perhaps a two-week-long riot (Baltimore 2015) prevents your supplier from meeting a key deadline. Or something as simple as a power outage that lasts for more than eight hours forces the venue to close just a few hours before the event.

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Legal Aid for Digital Events

Legal Aid for Digital Events | Inspiration Hub |

The Professional Convention Management Association’s Digital Experience Institute hosted a primer on the top legal considerations for digital events. Matthew G Miller, principal, MG Miller Intellectual Property Law, led the discussion, giving tips on protecting you, your audience, and your presenters during your digital events.

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5 Top Trends Shaping the Meetings Industry Today

5 Top Trends Shaping the Meetings Industry Today | Inspiration Hub |

Some troubling trends bubbled up at a recent gathering of meetings industry leaders at Events Industry Council meeting. Representatives of EIC’s 30-plus meetings industry organizations attended the meeting. Here are the top five that EIC suggests planners should be paying attention to.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About GDPR But Were Afraid to Ask 

Everything You Wanted to Know About GDPR But Were Afraid to Ask  | Inspiration Hub |

The General Data Protection Regulation will be enforced in May 2018. From an event planner standpoint, the time to comply is tomorrow as you may already be prepping for events occurring June 2018 and beyond. Throughout our own research, we came to a few conclusions:

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What You Need to Know About GDRP

What You Need to Know About GDRP | Inspiration Hub |

On May 25, 2018, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect. According to the EU’s GDPR website, the new law is “designed to harmonize data-privacy laws across Europe, to protect and empower all EU citizens’ data privacy, and to reshape the way organizations across the region approach data privacy.” The impact on any organization that collects information from EU citizens — including associations that hold meetings in Europe or host attendees from Europe — will be sweeping. In an article written for EU-based Boardroom magazine, which has a content-sharing agreement with Convene, attorney Benjamin Docquir — head of the information-technology and intellectual-property law department at Osborne Clarke in Brussels — explains what you need to know.

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3 Things to Do if a Meteor Destroys Your Venue

3 Things to Do if a Meteor Destroys Your Venue | Inspiration Hub |

All right, so a meteor probably won’t destroy your meeting’s host city. However, recently I was scheduled to speak at a conference that just so happened to begin the same day that hundreds of people decided to take to the streets in protest. After several agonizing hours, the conference organizers decided to cancel their event.

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Tackling data security on the go

Tackling data security on the go | Inspiration Hub |

Business travellers are prime targets for cyber-attacks. Here are the data security threats to be aware of and the ways to protect your data while on the go. Since the “WannaCry” ransomware attacks which took place in May of this year, there has been a further increase in cybersecurity awareness. These global attacks caused online records and files of multiple organisations to become corrupt and totally unusable, notably within the UK’s National Health Service. The issue of cybersecurity can no longer be ignored, particularly when you are a business traveller, often tapping into unsecure or public Wi-Fi sources and sending/receiving work emails while doing so. In this way, business critical files can be made vulnerable.

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Cyber Security & the Events Industry (Part II)

Cyber Security & the Events Industry (Part II) | Inspiration Hub |

Most of the news we hear about cyber-attacks these days are concerning large business entities and organisations. However, the threat is also very real for smaller business that could be financially devastated by the fallout and losses inflicted by a cyber-attack. Hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their methods in this digital world and what is more concerning, is that institutions with top-notch security systems, such as banks, have been repeatedly victimised by these type of security breaches.

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Houston After Harvey

Houston After Harvey | Inspiration Hub |

A little more than two weeks ago, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas as a Category 4 storm. Over the course of four days, Harvey dropped 30 to 50 inches of rain on Houston, creating widespread flooding, displacing tens of thousands of people from their homes, temporarily disrupting energy and agricultural production, and causing up to $50 billion in property damage. Nearly 10,000 people ended up sheltering in place at Houston’s George R. Brown Convention Center.

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