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Generation C: Those who create, connect, curate and build community in events

Generation C: Those who create, connect, curate and build community in events | Inspiration Hub |

Generation C (Gen C) is a generation identified by GoogleThink who are creating, connecting, curating their own content, and building community. This is not represented by an age, but by an attitude and mindset; not separated by location, but global. It is the “generation” attending our events who are sharing – with each other in the live environment and with their much wider digital, social audiences. They are spreading what they hear, see, learn and connect to much further and wider than we can on our own. We NEED this generation to help us create FOMO (fear of missing out) which is one of our best available marketing tools year over year, event after event.

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Why You Shouldn’t Host “Millennial” Events 

Why You Shouldn’t Host “Millennial” Events  | Inspiration Hub |

Millennials have a bad rap. Portrayed as self-obsessed, technology addicted, and careless, the entire generation has been stereotyped by movies, media, and even festival organizers. But in reality, they’re politically engaged and care about giving back through personal interactions.

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